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Tell about the most interesting film you have seen recently

Alya_TS 1 / -  
Feb 20, 2021   #1

Tell about the most interesting film you have seen recently.

Briefly discuss its plot, its setting and the most important problems it deals with. Mention the director's, script writer's and cameraman's work. Comment briefly on the actors' performance. Say who would recommend the film to.

'Passengers' is the most interesting film I've recently sat through and watched from the beginning to the very end without averting my gaze from the screen. I think it was fantastic, mind-blowing. 'Passengers' doesn't only scratch the surfice of existentialism but rather dives right into it and reaches the very bottom.

The story itself is not something that unique to the sci-fi genre: in the distant future, where the Earth's population has technologically advanced enough to colonize other planets, a spaceship with over hundred passengers in cryo pods is sent to populate an uninhabited planet and create the basic conditions for human living. Here is where the conflict of the film arises - one of the cryo pods malfunctions thus waking up one of the passengers while there is almost a century left until the spaceship reaches its destination. The man, played by Chris Pratt, spends a whole year without human contact, on a ship with only the company of a robot bartender and his turmoiling thoughts and sense of dread. In his desperation, the man opens another cryo pod and wakes up Aurora - a journalist with the firm decision to go to the new planet and gather enough data and life experience to write a book.

The conflict about dooming another person to the same tragic fate, the short life of lies and the fight against leftover time, all in the package with likeable cast, breathtaking CGI and philosophical undertone, make 'Passengers' one of the best films of the decade.

It would appeal to all space geeks out there, fans of the 'Star Wars' franchise or just people who want to immerese themselves in the vastness of the universe. So strap in for the journey of your lives!

Hello! I am trying to prepare for my matruculation exam at the end of May. My grade will be crucial for my university application. I am very inexperienced with essay writing in English and I would appreciate all and any advice. My main problem is that one of the requirements is that the text produced must be between 140 to 170 words and I very often exceed this wordcount with unnecessary and rhetoric phrases. Any tips on how to get over this and produce a meaningful and high graded text that gets my point across?

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,317 3351  
Feb 21, 2021   #2
The problem is your lack of familiarity with the English language. Specifically, how to write a movie review. You should try to read some of the professional reviews online to get a better idea of how such essays are written. Everything is summarized and focused on only certain aspects of the film. If you can avoid trying to exaggerate your comments, you will be able to avoid repeated statements such as:

I've recently sat through and watched from the beginning to the very end without averting my gaze from the screen

Being over descriptive in this section is what hurt the presentation. It is enough to simply say "I sat through from beginning to end."I know you are trying to involve the reader in your experience, but that is not required when writing a basic movie review.

When reviewing the character development, you must refer to the character by name, then the actor's name. You only mentioned one of the 2 actor's names in this presentation, Jennifer Lawrence being the other cast member in the film, and did not mention their characters names at all. There is a lack of proper acting analysis in the presentation that would have helped you review the actors approach to the role. The camera man, director, and scriptwriter's work all lack highlight moments that should have been the focal point of your review for each of these people's participation in the movie. The plot summary could have been better presented within the 170 word count as well.

You may contact me privately if you wish to receive an example of how to write this essay perfectly within 170 words.

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