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                Recently many film and music pieces are given online for free. Is it a positive trend?

                naz2018 1 / -  
                Apr 22, 2018   #1

                sharing music or films online

                Nowadays a large number of movies and songs are available on internet at free of cost. I believe it is a very positive trend though it may seem financially negative at first for singer, actors or producers. This essay will first discuss about the the positive aspects of reaching the global audience though online and then outline the benefits of giving it free thus helping who cannot afford these.

                Distributing cinema or music online at free of cost will create a mass appeal to people and will be available for mass audience. As nowadays almost every single people starting form youth has a smart device. Giving these online for free will enhance there curiosity and they will watch or listen it as they are not spending any money. This will help the music or feature films to reach people beyond any geographical boundary. In a recent news in the Times, 41% of Hollywood online movie watcher are from South Asian countries where Hollywood movies are hardly available and they watch these online for free.

                On the other hand, these kind of contents enable the underprivileged people to find a way to entertain themselves. As per research, any kind of entertainment and recreational activities help alleviate anxiety, depression and other mental health disorders. Most of the poor people are not aware about mental health and are susceptible to mental hazards. If they would be able to get free entertainment contents online, it might help in their overall mental wellness. In 2014, a NGO named Pathtime distributed funny videos and melodies to locals of a South African city which were prone to mental illness due to poverty. Within six months a significant improvement has been observed with less people reported an mental condition.

                In conclusion, features film and musicals always had positive effect in the society. If these can be given free for all on internet, it may bring a revolutionary change in the society and world. Government can make a contribution to make these available for all with easy access.
                saira_aamir 1 / 2  
                Apr 22, 2018   #2
                With the world economy rising so rapidly, there is less number of opportunities for employment thus disturbing the emotional state of mind. Music, television provides the escape for all that tension, anxiety, depression for more or less even for a fraction of a second which will ultimately improve the course of life. That is my point of view, whereas on the other hand the artist, they have numerous other ways to earn money from. For example, concerts, their merchandise all that that things.
                sfiza 17 / 28  
                Apr 22, 2018   #3
                Dear, if your letter is for IELTS, so its too long. in real test you will get only 40 mins to write it, it would be better to limit it within 280-300 words.

                Nowadays , a large number myriad of movies ... on the internet which at are free of cost.I believe it is ...[poor introduction]

                according to prompt this is not opinion essay, you need not to give direct opinion for this, i mean you used '' i believe'' , you can avoid this and try to write an introduction indirect ways for this.

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