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                The number of a country's exports in a different categories and changes in each type of exports

                jimzz 1 / -  
                Jul 30, 2020   #1

                (IELTS WRITING TASK 1) Export earnings

                The bar chart below provides the number of a country's exports in a different category and the box demonstrates the proportion change in each type of exports compared in two years.

                Generally, petroleum products and engineered goods were creating more value compared with others. Interestingly, only gems and jewellery was recording a fall in number out of all types.

                In terms of petroleum products, it rose 3% in a year meanwhile engineered goods increased by 8.5%. They were both received 62 billion of earnings. By contrast, gems and jewellery was following by 41 billion when agricultural and products along with textiles were at the bottom of the table.

                About the special part, gems and jewellery decreased from 44 to 41 billion which was representing 5.18% of it. On the other hand, the lowest growth of earning belonged to agricultural products of 0.81% while textiles climbed the most by 15.24% in 2016.

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                Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,414 3388  
                Jul 31, 2020   #2
                Try to write at least 175 words for the data reporting presentation. 151 words meets the minimum word requirement but it will not really help increase your overall score. Focus on your vocabulary, punctuation usage, and grammar use in this section to help increase the word count and scoring.

                The other image was misidentified in your presentation. Be precise. The second image is a 2 column information presentation. Being precise increases your TA score.

                Always present the measurement type for each image. This will help show that you actually analyzed the data and noted b important information for the discussion presentation. A lack of incomplete summary data presentation shows a lack of analytical ability on your part and could affect your overall score.

                While the information presented is okay, it would have been clearer to the reader and given you a better overall score if you had followed the 3-5 sentence format for the 3 paragraphs. That is because the clarity and cohesion in the presentation would have been more evident to the examiner. You would have also used more GRA related sentences and punctuation marks which would have been another scoring boost for you.

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