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                Task 2: International travel is becoming cheaper than before, so more and more countries open their

                tanghuong 2 / 3  
                Aug 27, 2020   #1

                effect of multinational tourism

                Nowadays, traveling abroad is becoming popular in modern life. While it may be disliked by some people, but foreign trips are becoming affordable than before and more countries wide-open doors for explorers. It is a debatable issue of whether international travels are good or bad. My essay is going to discuss both sides of the issue.

                There are many advantages of outbound travel, to begin with, tourism contributes to an increased national economy. Many countries around the world, tourism becoming key economic sectors for long-standing about 40% to 60% proportion of the national economy. It also promotes the development of foreign trading industries.

                Besides that, tourism is a media vehicle to advertise for host countries like cuisine, culture, society...The development of tourism abroad is important for international economic relations such as exchange contracts between host countries, travel agencies, oversea tourism organizations.

                Over than that, tourism creates opportunities for employment solutions. Tourism promotes the growth of small and large businesses or family-owned: transportation services, souvenir shops, restaurants, tour guide agencies ...and relevant industries.

                However, there are disadvantages to this issue. The development of tourism has badly impacted our environment: heavy traffic, tourist activities, construction infrastructures... it directly impacts the quality life of humans and wildlife. Moreover, the host country's traditional culture may be devalued. Society becomes more complex.

                In summary, I would concede that international travel does come with some harmful effects. Even though the benefits created by it far outweigh the disadvantages. Overall, I am convinced that we should promote international tourism and meanwhile the host country's government should take action to well control bad effects.

                studyingabroad 5 / 10 5  
                Aug 28, 2020   #2
                In general:
                - the best structure of an essay includes 1 introduction paragraph, 2-3 bodies and 1 conclusion. In body part, you should outline 2 main points and analyze them clearly and deeply.

                - You should consider grammar range first, a lot of grammar mistakes, you can use Grammarly app to improve.
                - should use complex sentences not recommend simple sentences.
                - avoid using "..."

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