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                Which is more important for a sport, is it mental strength or physical strength, and explain why.

                ITW 2 / 6  
                Jul 26, 2020   #1
                Some people think that physical strength is important for sport and others think mental strength is more important.

                Discuss both views and give your opinion

                Sports have become an indispensable activity in modern lifestyles, going beyond being a mere way of entertainment. It is well established that sports heavily demand both mental and physical stamina. While some people believe it is the physical strength which is crucial factor, others are on the idea that mental power is of paramount importance to excel in a sport or a game.

                People argue that physical fitness is the governing factor to be competitive in a sport. It is obvious to consider the fitness level as the key because it is the foundation and prerequisite of majority of sports activities. As it seems to me, without the required minimum physique, no one would be capable of engage in a sport letting alone winning the competition, despite one's courage and passion in doing it. In weight lifting or wrestling, for instance, the players need to possess the minimum weight and muscle power to compete.

                In contrast, others believe that, mental stamina surpasses the physical strength, in perfecting a sport. As I believe, physical fitness and strength would be useless without the mental driving force behind. Courage, resilience and concentration are proved to be the key mental strengths behind a successful and professional player. For example, the concentration and status of mind are the determining factors of a good batman in a game of cricket. Without the tremendous courage, a long distance runner will give up the race in halfway, without reaching the finishing line.

                To recapitulate, people bear contradicting stances regarding whether the physical or the mental stamina is more important, in being successful in a sport. While physical strength is the basic requirement to engage in a sport, mental fitness plays the key role as the one boosts courage and passion. In my personal view, moral aspect is paramount over the physical strength, as it is the governing and key factor in controlling and stimulating the physical energy.
                Bettie Orion 3 / 11  
                Jul 27, 2020   #2
                Hi! Here are my suggestions. Hope this helps"
                + is a crucial factor
                + ... prerequisite of the majority ...
                + ... capable of engage engaging in ...
                + ... mental driving force behind it.
                + ... give up the race in halfway
                + ... fitness plays the a key role
                + the physical strength
                + the physical energy
                OP ITW 2 / 6  
                Jul 27, 2020   #3
                Hi Bettie, Thanks for the comments. Noted the corrections which I would agree with.
                Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,414 3388  
                Jul 27, 2020   #4
                This is a 3 reasoning paragraph presentation. While you did an acceptable paraphrase of the given discussion, and you also provided 2 good public point of view reasons with acceptable explanations and examples, your essay is actually incomplete in format. You neglected to present your personal point of view in a stand alone paragraph. It would have been the paragraph that allowed you to assess both points of view using first person pronouns for validity. Based on your personal belief, you should have stated which of the two opinions you support with an explanation based on your personal opinion or experience. The current essay paid more attention to the public points of view and gave none to your personal point of view.

                The personal point of view is a stand alone paragraph. It is never included in the concluding paragraph because it will not allow you properly develop the explanation of your personal point of view in the manner that the first 2 reasoning paragraphs were presented. The concluding paragraph is only for the summary of the given discussion. It is never used to represent a single sentence opinion as it creates an non-concluded essay.

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