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                IELTS- Task 2: Health benefits in countryside and cities

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                Feb 14, 2021   #1
                Please give me some advice on my writing essay. Thanks a lot!

                Many people believe that it is easier to have a healthy lifestyle in the countryside. Others believe that there are health benefits of living in cities.

                Discuss both views and give your opinions

                total words: 288

                A public idea has been emerging, regarding that living in rural areas has more health merits than in urban ones. This essay will discuss both views before drawing out the conclusion.

                To begin with, the main reason supporting living in the countryside for a healthy life is that the clean environment provides residents with advantageous living conditions. It is undeniable that the less exposure to contamination, the better well-being of an individual. This is because rural citizens stand little chance of enduring detrimental diseases such as heart attacks, lung cancer,... Therefore, nowadays there is an increasing number of civilians who wish to live a healthy lifestyle settling down in the outskirts.

                On the contrary, numerous arguments claiming that metropolises have a higher ability to assure the welfare of the populace. Firstly, the fabrication of health amenities is stimulated exponentially in cities. Facilities supporting health merits such as gym, yoga centre,.. are developing significantly since more urban citizens take precedence of well-being over prosperity. Additionally, health pharmacies also receive massive amount of public money from government so as to treat common illnesses without payment for residents. As a result, this policy has made considerable contribution to the society's welfare.

                To the best of my knowledge, I would assume that both countryside and citiy have their incompatible strengths and weaknesses when it comes to keeping healthy lifestyle. However, I will argue that metropolises possess overwhelmed advantages in health assurance in comparison to rural areas, due to the substantially advanced technology of treatment in urban, which could tackle innumerable victious ailments.

                Having analysed everything above, although it seems that either rural or urban areas have equal downsides and benefits in staying healthy; I believe the merits of metropolis slightly outweigh those of countryside.

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