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                [IELTS Writing task 1] Diagram: The changes of a cinema from 1980 until now.

                killmonger 1 / -  
                Dec 11, 2020   #1
                Please give me some advice for my essay, thank you in advance.

                changes in the structure of a cinema

                The following diagrams illustrate several changes in the structure of a cinema in the period of 1980 up to now. In general, empty spaces in the cinema hall in 1980 are being reconstructed by adding more cinema. In detail, in 1980, the car park was located on the north side, behind the cinema. The ticket office, which can be seen on the first right after passing the entrance, stood next to the drinks area. Cinema 1, stayed at the bottom left corner, was smaller in size compared to Cinema 2 on the right. Until now, the old car park was replaced to expand the cinema acreages. Inside the cinema, the food & drinks area and relax room is being located in the area of old cinema 1. The DVD room now opens next to the ticket office. More cinemas are being added, which separate the hall into 2 parts with 2 on the left and others 3 on the right. And the toilet still remained its own position on the middle left of the cinema.

                Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,475 3416  
                Dec 12, 2020   #2
                Let us start with the format problem of the report. The task 1 essay follows a specific simple format for its basic presentation. This must have been presented in a 3 paragraph format. The paragraphs should have been divided into the following sections:

                Par 1 : Summary overview.
                Par. 2: 1980 information
                Par. 3: Present information

                There is also a lack of clarity regarding the number of images and the identity of the image presented. The indication should have shown 2 illustrations rather than simply the plural form of diagrams. These are illustrations or drawings that show differences. A diagram shows a series of instructions with regards to a process or procedure.

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