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                University of Waterloo AIF Reasons for choosing program and Waterloo (Software Engineering and CS)

                zainzulfiqar 1 / -  
                Feb 10, 2019   #1



                Can someone please help me verify this answer? is it good enough?

                I have chosen the University of Waterloo for undergraduate studies because I aspire to pursue a career in computer science in the near future. My goal is to become a successful software programmer because I love simplifying complex problems and finding out alternative ways to one single problem. I have done basic programming in high school and I really enjoy writing programs and debugging them. My reason for choosing the software engineering program and the computer science program is to acquire top quality knowledge in my field of interest from the number 1 university in Canada for computer science and the co-op program which will allow me to implement everything I learn and to gain valuable working experience alongside my education and will prepare me for the employment once I graduate.

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                Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,407 3386  
                Feb 11, 2019   #2
                Zain, unfortunately, your response statement is not acceptable in terms of referencing why you chose to study Software Engineering and CS at UW. You are discussing personal reasons for choosing the course. You are not relating your choice of course to the criteria that you used when considering your university options. You have to consider what you want to learn and how the facilities, courses, and training offered by UW will help you achieve your full potential in these areas. You have academic reasons for choosing UW, explain how the university fulfills that requirement using specific references within the required character count. Focus on the specific contribution that the co-op program will make to your academic proficiency in these fields. Be UW specific because this current presentation is too common in reference that it can be used to refer to any university you are applying to. That is what makes it ill effective as a response.

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