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                To become a CAD Designer: Writing a personal admission eassy for digital school

                dcv3r 1 / -  
                Dec 10, 2010   #1
                Writing essays and English are not my strong point, I really need help on this essay as i don't even know how or were to start

                In this essay they want

                On one to three pages discuss why you want to become a CAD Designer, keeping these questions in mind:

                What personal qualities do i have that would contribute to me becoming a successful designer?
                Determined I am determined to be the best most succsesful archutetual cad designer i can be always pushing my self to be better

                Creative I have tons of creative ideas in my head it also helps me to solve problems

                Willing I am willing to learn and keep learning to become the best at the career i am choosing

                Diligence I pay attention to detail and take pride in the work i do

                how do i overcome obstacles to achieve what i want?

                I overcome obstacles to achieve what i want by by staying focused giving 100% at all times
                no obstacle is to big and im not affraid to ask for help

                does any specific attribute, quality or skill distinguish me from everyone else? how did i develop this attribute?

                It is staying calm under pressure I don't let things get to me i don't crack i just persevere and keep going i think i actually work better under pressure I enjoy the feeling i get. I developed this attribute by always staying calm and focused and not let anything get to me

                Imagine myself as a CAD Designer five years from now: what kind of design work am i doing, what kind of firm am i designing for, do i see myself in a lead designer role?

                Five years from now i see my self a successful architectural CAD Designer working for a large size firm designing office towers, Office buildings and warehouses also by this time i would

                also like to be designing houses for either a small firm or myself. I do see my self in a lead designer role because i will be putting my all in to it, i strive to be the best and nothing will stop me, I want to be at the top at whatever i am doing

                so baisiclly i have to put all of that into an essay and like i said English and essays i was never good at my strengths are math, science, computers and art

                Thanks to anyone who can help
                Doug S
                coeurreign 2 / 45  
                Dec 15, 2010   #2
                I think you should compile all your answers into an essay. Just try to write it, even though essay's aren't your strongest point. I mean, without a rough draft, it's kind of hard to help you.
                EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
                Dec 21, 2010   #3
                The only way to do a good job on something like this is to read 5 or 10 articles written by and about CAD designers, and takenotes until you have collected at least 20 new facts or ideas about the work.

                Then, DEMONSTRATE your advanced knowledge of the field by answering these questions with reference to the facts you have collected. If you do that, you will be ahead of the other applicants! It is a matter of being proactive about your online research, just like everything else in life. :-)

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