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                I have been always trying to play role of a leader and learn leadership skills.

                naseernasrati 14 / 33 10  
                Nov 2, 2018   #1

                Chevening Leadership Essay

                need review especially grammatical and structural

                From childhood, in school, in university and after graduation, I have been trying to play role of a leader and learn leadership skills. When I was in (XXX) School, I was elected as leader of school's social team. My duties were to initiate a team of students to organize social events weekly. Previously, there were no such events, while there were needs for the events to increase social and cultural activities among students. During my job I formulated a team of ten active students and motivated them to set up the events weekly. I have engaged more students, led them and held a memorable music event for over 200 students. The event resulted in attraction of hundreds of students in social activities. Among many students, I was selected and learnt leadership and management skills workshop for six months in (YYY organization) in 2011.

                In 2012, my first year in university, my classmate would always select me as leader of group works in the class. In the first semester, while I was busy with lessons and in-campus social activities, my friends from different universities requested me to create a council. I initiated a team of 15 active and committed students and organized many debating meetings with them. At the result of efforts and collaborations I have gathered a team of motivated people to pass the official steps of creation of the council and engaged more partners. I have finally organized and hold an election of over 1000 voters to elect leader of the council. Many students requested me to participate in the election but unfortunately I refused because I was to graduate. The council is now one of effective and popular youths' councils in west zone of (country name) which has arranged many volunteer promotion programs for the students in (names of cities).

                After I did my bachelor's degree, I lead over 50 (program name) projects and 15 government and private sector construction projects in different locations. During my duties I have traveled to different places and districts to deal with more than 6000 beneficiaries/families. Through many contacts with people I used organization, inspiration, consultation, collaboration and coordination skills with stakeholders and successfully completed all projects.

                Currently, I am leading a group of volunteers to provide educational services for thousands of students in (name of university) University, schools and institutions. Previously, no one had any idea about TOEFL test and scholarships. By attending two hours conferences each week I could inspire many students to learn English language and apply for the scholarships especially Chevening scholarship. By leading the group of volunteers I help and direct many youths to get higher education and serve for the development of (name of country).

                To conclude, I found Chevening as the best opportunity to develop my leadership skills, learn new things, meet hundreds of leaders from 160 countries and become a professional future leader to serve for the people of (name of country).
                thk 2 / 6  
                Nov 2, 2018   #2
                Hi @naseernasrati I think you should focus on leadership and influence example on your current work field. Take one example and give a detail explanation on how you do the influence to the team. Good luck!
                rhm 4 / 5 1  
                Nov 2, 2018   #3
                HI, i think you can point on why people keep appointing you as the leaders. I guess it must be interesting.
                For example, maybe you have specific characteristics suitable of being a leader, or your charisma, or anything---
                And the part of leading a volunteer student is pretty good, you can also explore more on that part! Say, maybe explain who initiated it, the process, etc

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