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                Management Sciences, International level (Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Masters program)

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                Oct 21, 2012   #1
                please check it and give suggestions. English is not my native language so there may be many mistakes. hope will correct me.

                Dear Sir/ Madam

                I am applying for the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Masters program. This program will help me to have more general ideas about the field of Management Sciences on International level, which will enhance my analytical skills and quantitative abilities. My ultimate goal is to be an expert researcher in Management sciences. I believed that an advanced level of Gradaute program of good quality will help me to realize my dream.

                I have completed my Masters in Business Administration (16-yaers education) from Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur. In my previous education career I remained in the list of top students of class. With my hard work and commitment I stood at 3rd poistion in my class. I remained Class representative for two years in which I have organizaed seminars, picnics, study tours and other social activities with the help of Institutional Administration. Previously, I have been specialized in the field of Finance, but by looking to the current demand for Management Sciences discipline I would like to choose Human Resource Management as my field of research. Human Resource Management is being an emerging discipline now days. Many researchers are having research on it.

                I am currently employed on contract basis as Accounts & Admin Officer at Agriculture Department Government of Sindh where I utilized theoritical skills in practical life. I worked in the Budgeting system framework, worked on new Budgetry system announced by Finance Department which named as Medium term Budgetory framework.

                As my utlimate goal is to be an expert researcher I want to serve as Professor in any higher educational institute. My aim is to improve the education system of Pakistan specially Sindh Province, where the quality of education is on low standards.

                I believe that my current vision is the main reason that drives me to study in a well reputed University where quality education is being provided. By choosing European University there are few advantages that I can achieve my goal.

                European Universities are multicultural and beautiful well versed with highly trained Proffesors which help me to improve my research skills with technological advancements by converting my passion into profession. Universities of Europe are well known multicultural Universities where students from the entire world are studying. I can learn how to interact within the different cultures to improve my skills like interpersonal. I can also build a network of different friends from different countries and diverse cultures.

                I am sure, if I am granted this Scholarship to pursue my higher education in any European University, I will be benefit greatly from the extraordinary experience for building up my professional career for the development of my Homeland, into a well managed market economy country.

                Thank you for considering my application and look forward to your acceptance.

                Yours Sincerely

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