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                Business Administration: Personal Statement for KGSP Application

                Mowumi 1 / 1  
                Jan 21, 2021   #1

                KGSP: My Personal Statement

                My keen interest in business is as a result of my involvement in helping my Mom in her trade, whenever I am privileged to visit my parents, I am usually in charge of finances and overseeing my mom's business, ensuring customers are attended to, cash collected are accounted for, I also ensure dispute at the business place is reduced. My decision to study business administration in my master's degree is to gain in-depth knowledge in managerial and leadership aspect. I studied Accounting at my undergraduate level and I learnt several aspects of Accounting, including but not limited to; management accounting, auditing, tax and the list goes on. These aspects gave me more exposure to the operations of business organizations. Having the opportunity to study in your university and this program will be life changing, it would help boost my managerial skill and help me build capacity as I would take on new skills from not only my course work but from interacting with other colleagues.

                I am currently working in the Audit department in Covenant University, where I review and verify with gusto, accuracy of financial records of several business units. In the course of my work, I see how businesses are being operated, loopholes in decisions taken by some business units and smart business strategies worthy of emulation, in my way of contributing I ensure at the end of every audit work my observations and recommendations are dully imbibed.

                In the course of my undergraduate study in the University, I was made the Hall Wing Representative by the University management to represent over 40 fellow students in my Wing. During weekends, my Wing participated in various sanitation activities. This was my first leadership role and it was an exposure for me, I had to relate with people, make decisions, the importance of strategies and taking responsibility. Despite the fact that it had nothing to do with finance or money, it was highly tasking as I had to deal with each individual differently and not bias, this greatly improved my communication skills, which is important in business today.

                Growing up, I had to relocate to different parts of Nigeria, due to the nature of my parents' job. I had to change schools and make new friends during these periods. In the process, I saw the beauty in diversity and it made my adaptation to new environment faster. Thus, culture shock has minimal effect on me, considering the experiences I had as a kid. Studying outside my country will not have any adverse effects on me as I surely adapt to the way of life quickly.

                I recognize that having a master's degree will improve my potential in my future career, as it gives me the opportunity not only to concentrate on classwork, but also to apply my knowledge of the classroom to projects with industry partners. I am sure that the knowledge and skills I gain from my time in this program will be an important part of my career in business management.
                Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,475 3416  
                Jan 22, 2021   #2
                You have not based the personal statement on the motivational discussion requirements of the essay. The motivation for your studies does not establish itself based on a professional requirement or demand for increased skills within your career. While your mother's business may have inspired you, the only way this can pass as a motivational foundation is if you are taking the helm of a medium scale to large scale enterprise from her. Only then will her inspiration and your exposure to the business she runs make sense as a motivation.

                You have not portrayed yourself as having an applicable business administration background based on your academic presentation. You have not qualified yourself as a masters degree student with a potential to complete complicated thesis research, and accomplish other difficult masters classes tasks as you did not really represent these skills in your presentation. More importantly, there is no clear representation of your interest to study this course in Korea. Without these important aspects, your application will be disregarded. Review the information presentation instructions again. This time, provide the required data. This essay will not work. It is not the kind of statement that will get you past the screening round.
                OP Mowumi 1 / 1  
                Jan 22, 2021   #3
                I will definitely work on it, thank you

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