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                Applying my knowledge to provoke a socio-economic development for my country - career plan essay

                lany83 5 / 15 4  
                Oct 8, 2018   #1

                Chevening Carrer Plan

                What would be a successful career for me? Apply my knowledge provoking a socio-economic development for my country. This is what I want to achieve when I return to Brazil, study the bioactive properties of plants in the northeastern semi-arid region, with the purpose of producing cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, fostering Brazil's entrepreneurship and being part of the country's scientific development.

                Brazil has one of the largest biodiversity in the world, with an impressive number of species of fauna and flora, so there are a multitude of plant species that we still do not know their bioactive properties. My initial plan will be to return to the research laboratory of natural products of UFBA beginning the tests to identify the pharmacological properties of this vegetation for the purpose of incorporation in the techniques of pharmaceutical formulation learned during the Masters in the United Kingdom. Through my network of contacts, I will introduce the discipline of commercial strategy in a graduate of Cosmetology and disseminate my experience with Chevening by the Universities of Northeast Brazil.

                I met the coordinator of the chamber of the entrepreneurial woman and I will join the program Women entrepreneur and strengthen that the woman needs a social role. I want the community to realize that the black woman has strength, she has a race and a focus to be able to excel in the scientific career and that we can bring about change in the world.

                Having people engaged in their life purpose transforms work into something pleasurable and substantial, so within 3 years, I will start a biocosmetic laboratory in association with two pharmacists I have known since graduation who are directly involved in bioactive substance research. To acquire the raw material, I will stimulate the opening of cooperatives in the Sert?o by forming partnerships, favoring entrepreneurship and stimulating the local economy, improving socioeconomic conditions and giving a better quality of life for our employees. In this context, I intend to promote a partnership between the Newton Fund Institutional Skills project, which aims to support projects related to training, capacity building and community engagement of employees and employees, and SEBRAE, a Brazilian social service, which aims to assist the development of micro and small businesses, stimulating entrepreneurship in the country, this partnership aims to empower small businesses, which are 98.5% of formal enterprises, increasing the work and income capacity of northeastern backwoods population.

                The United Kingdom has a scientific cooperation with Brazil through the Newton Fund for Innovation project and having as one of its directions the Brazilian Biodiversity, I will establish a partnership between my Center of Studies in the United Kingdom and my research project here in Brazil, strengthen the basis of our scientific cooperation, with the goal of receiving assistance and partnership for the implementation of an industrial pole of cosmetics here in Bahia. It is an ambitious plan, but I know it is possible and this motivates me to write a new trajectory in order to set goals for this challenge.
                idrees278 2 / 2  
                Oct 9, 2018   #2
                In point of view you describe your future plan well but if you link any UK funded projected of organization to your future plan it would be better and also how you would convince and influence others by your leadership and network at the future.
                Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,432 3398  
                Oct 9, 2018   #3
                Elaine, this essay is over the 500 word limit by 5 words. It is extremely wordy but not very informative. Try to focus your post graduate studies career plan on the relationship between the UK and your line of work or business. Your first paragraph is a throw away. Get rid of it. Start directly to the point with the second paragraph. That will also help to shorten the essay so that the reviewer can get through reading it sooner rather than later.

                Revise the second paragraph to become shorter. Stick to only presenting immediate plans at all times. Start with sentence 2 instead and end with sentence 3. Merge the information in paragraph 2 and 3 to become one short but informative paragraph instead. After sentence 3 in paragraph 2, present your 3 year business plan at once. You can merge that sentence in by saying "After these events, I see myself starting my own biocosmetics lab within 3 years..." The shorter and quicker the presentation, the better. Focus on content and information, not wordiness. You are not writing a research paper.

                The British connection you have made is strong and unique. It will serve your application well if you can provide a more concrete example of how you plan to collaborate with the fund for the development of the biocosmetics industry in your country. That is not clearly represented at this point.
                Abumahfuz 2 / 3 1  
                Oct 15, 2018   #4
                Lany, You ave a good write up from my own view. but your first paragraph seems to be off point of what they are requesting for. And more so your last paragraph should be looked more into. Explore ow you going to take advantage of taking your country forward wit what UK are doing in your Country. Tanks
                OP lany83 5 / 15 4  
                Oct 15, 2018   #5
                Thank you so much for your feedback! I'm going to review my essay

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