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                Applying the knowledge and experience gained from study in Sweden in your organisation and country

                caplang60 1 / 1  
                Jan 9, 2021   #1
                Kindly review my motivation letter, your feedback means a lot for me. ??


                Describe how you can apply the knowledge and experience gained from your time in Sweden in your organisation/company and/or in your home country/region upon your return from Sweden. (maximal 1000 chars, including spaces)

                Upon my return, I am considering being a Product Manager in a startup that contributes to UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, as of now I am a product designer at a Legal Technology startup in Indonesia. Hence in order to support UN 2030 goals, in the long run, I would continue practicing design thinking and problem first approach to leverage people's lives through and beyond the screen.

                I strongly believe that expanding my knowledge to various sustainable development problems in a series of study cases and discussions, as well as learning how to approach the problems through different lenses will strengthen my way of thinking and sharpen my train of thought. The experiences and exercises will increase my confidence in creating and communicating strategic decisions that focus more on bringing together sustainable objectives and business goals during the product development cycle, and I am confident that my society will benefit from that.

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                Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,421 3392  
                Jan 9, 2021   #2
                You need to present 2 strong career plan paragraphs. The first paragraph should detail what you hope to achieve after you graduate and return to your home country. The second paragraph, should explain how you plan to achieve these career goals. The idea is to present an explanation of the relevance of your line of study in relation to your work and/or career requirements. In this essay, the plan is presented in the first paragraph. The "How to achieve based on studies in Sweden" is what went missing in the second paragraph. Do not discuss what you believe and what you hope the program can provide you with. In this statement, you need to have a solid idea of how to apply what you hope to learn during your time as a student. It is a discussion regarding knowledge transfer, from you to the people in your country who work in the same line as you do.
                OP caplang60 1 / 1  
                Jan 9, 2021   #3
                thanks Holt!
                will refine this according to your feedback.

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