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                Why you apply for Msc in Business Administration, specialization Small Business & Entrepreneurship?

                SSAGitz 1 / 3 2  
                Mar 5, 2018   #1
                Hi everyone,

                For your kind review, please.


                The statement should be typewritten and composed only by the applicant him/herself. Please address the following points:
                ·The reason why you apply for the chosen program
                ·What do you intend to do with your Master degree?
                ·And, in general, what makes you the best candidate for this scholarship
                (Max. 500 words)

                Stuned Scholarship entry essay

                For master education, I decided to take Msc in Business Administration, specialization Small Business & Entrepreneurship in University of Groningen. I believe the subject can support to achieve my future goal for being a success entrepreneur in Indonesia.

                The main reason why I want to be an entrepreneur and establish a business is because being an employee is not forever since refer to Labor Law in Indonesia, retirement age is set in 56 years old. Thus, it means that we have to work independently to fulfill our needs after age 56. On the other hand, running a business and ensure its sustainability is not an easy matter. We must have fundamental knowledge and skill on how to experiment an innovative idea, how to search funding for start-up ventures, and how to sell and market new products or services. Therefore, in order to produce those kind of skills, formal education is needed as the foundation to build creativity and innovation which were the main drive for entrepreneurship.

                Secondly, my education and professional background in accounting and auditing field is inline with my future goal. I have experienced in examining business flow such as manufacturing, trading, and non profit Entities, so that it will be a usefull skill to be used to formulate my own business. Furthermore to keep myself still on track in entrepreneurship career, I actively joined in entrepreneur workshops and groups, such as Scale-Up Asia and Forbes Indonesia. Previously, I also have experienced in running a small business with five people by selling flannel pencil case. It has successfully running for a year, however it must be stopped since we decided to focus in our main job.

                After graduate from Master degree, I will apply the knowledge to run my own business. There are some alternative types of products and services that I plan to focus so far, they are Batik, Indonesian tea and coffee, and online teaching of Indonesian language for tourist. I select those products in order to make foreign people more familiar with Indonesia.

                Based on learning from previous experience, I do not want the business will only run for a year. I want it will have a good going concern. Therefore, It is important for me to learn how entrepreneurial firms compete for customers in national and international markets, how to formulate strategies, and how to manage the activities and operations to grow into successful and profitable business. According to that reason, I strongly hope to receive Stuned scholarship and get opportunity to study entrepreneurship in overseas.

                I realize that there are many potential people applying for Stuned scholarship. However, there might be a few who have desire to be employer instead of employee. By giving scholarship to me, Stuned will have a great return on investment since by creating a new entrepreneur, Stuned has contributed to address unemployment in the long run.

                Finally, I also hope by receiving the scholarship, I would contribute more not only for my country, Indonesia, but also as the ambassador for Stuned Scholarship and the Netherland education.
                Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,475 3416  
                Mar 10, 2018   #2
                @SSAGitz you are not being asked why you want to be an entrepreneur, the question is all about the reasons why you chose to focus on this particular MsC. That means, explain how your choice of course relates to the needs of your profession. Not the other way around as you have it in this essay. When you are asked for the reason why you are applying to this program, you should respond with some sort of business plan that shows how you will apply your studies in real time. What are your immediate plans for your business after you graduate? That is a perfect basis for the reason why you are applying to the program. When asked about your future intentions, discuss the Batik business and how you plan to make it grow within 5 years. Explain how this course will help to prepare you for the business challenges that you will be facing as a small scale business owner. These combined experiences and plans, coupled with your strong points as a college student who had a significant internship during your college time will create the picture of you as a significant candidate for this course.

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