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My academic success - The Global UGRAD Program^ why am I a great participant?

iroda_bekmur 1 / 1  
Feb 7, 2021   #1

international program application essay

Hi everyone. Please give me a piece of advice on how to improve my essay since it's my first time applying for international program.

The secret of my academic success is to work towards my goal slowly, steadily and regularly by showing my all capabilities and working hard on weak points. What demands me to stand out in the crowd is being noticed as a permanent motivator for others around me. Coming from my nature, I have a strong capability to inspire other students to drive to develop even if they neglect their studies. I am familiar with the phenomenon that comes for students as an obstacle therefore I can easily cover their weak spots by bringing the light back when it is dark for them. This ability has pushed me to be a teacher in Local Language Learning Centre. Therefore, I will never refuse teaching my group mates in English, Russian, Korean and Uzbek, additionally; I can improve my teaching and English speaking skills with them. While being the leader of the group at university, I realized that the members of the team increased their skills including: public speaking, problem-solving, listening other's idea, friendship and the last but not least creativity skills during the lessons. The important focus on teaching them and exchanging unique experiences will benefit both me and my team as well.

In November, 2020, I participated in business ideas competition financed by Embassy of the Republic of Korea where I had good fortune to meet amazing people with diverse backgrounds and cultures, to be taught by successful entrepreneurs from different spheres, to gain a thorough insight into business atmosphere. Performing actively, I became one of ten finalists of the contest, however I didn't win. What I learned from participating turned out to be far more valuable to me, specifically I knew that most of the breakthrough business ideas and achievements were the result of pure curiosity. Although my business project did not get any investors, I still clearly remember the excitement I felt while trying to solve real-life problems and imagining about the merits the project would bring to the society. This why I want to see where I will end up in the end following my need for curiosity and new challenges. I will be a great participant because I have realized what outcome UGRAD might have for me and why this program needs me as an individual.

Additionally, studying away from home country definitely affects student's social communication skill which is the key factor for any teachers to communicate with their students. I have a huge experience in finding a common language so I am good at making cross-cultural communications around the circle of multinational friends. As soon as I am a part of UGRAD, I will show my best to make host institution one big family in which every student feels belongingness to Legal world. Following this method, I will be able to establish after class meetings in which I will play the role of bridge between multinational students to guarantee open and free talks.

America is the place where I can find friendly and sincere people and spectacular nature with colorful traditions that I can feel myself as in my native country. Its long valuable history encourages me to feel great future as well. Also, American universities stand out among other universities with its most talented and engaging students whom I can share the experience and master knowledge of mine. There will be a profitable exchange of views among us which will lead to a great, successful future. Such a remarkable universe surely gives me the chance to increase advanced skills which are needed to build bridge gaps between Uzbekistan and the USA and serve for both countries effectively in close future.

Hello, you may contact us privately (the essay requires professional content editing rather than content improvement). Thank you! EF

Ishaqur 6 / 14 6  
Feb 20, 2021   #2
Hi, I would say the essay content does suit the program quite well but try to put a bit more emphasis on the international aspect, primarily how working with students from different countries would help formulate diverse solutions to problems. Also instead of focusing on "America and great universities of America" I would recommended to keep the focus on the university and the state/city you would be moving to.
OP iroda_bekmur 1 / 1  
2 days ago   #3

Thank you very much. I'll try to fix the last paragraph and focus more on what I get from the international exchange. Although I would like to mention that I can't put emphasis on one exact university as it's a program where you don't get to choose the university or a state on your own.

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