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[Motivation letter] RWTH Aachen Summer School Scholarship-Supply Chain Program

irfanmadani 1 / 1  
Feb 16, 2021   #1
Hi guys, let me give my motivation letter preview.
Any feedbacks would be much appreciated, thank you :)

application letter

I would like to express my interest in applying for the Supply Chain Management & Logistics Summer School Programs Scholarship at RWTH Aachen. With the combination of my educational background and three years excellent student organization experience, I strongly believe that I am a suitable candidate for this program.

I recognize that COVID-19 pandemic forces many companies and entire industries to rethink and transform their global supply chain model. Moreover, I desire to embrace immersive study provided by a reputable industrial management institute, FIR at RWTH Aachen University, and complementary global networking with vibrant German culture exchange. As a result, in this summer school I would like to sharpen inventive supply chain management concept and wrap it up into a UI/UX design for supply chain digitalization that focuses on agility, cost-effectiveness and mitigating COVID-19 impact.

During my role as the Head of Telecommunication Section in Student Winter Camp 2019, I transformed a manual rental logbook into a digital and semi-automatic supply chain system for handy-talkie rental using QR code and Google Sheets. In addition, I have been using the Design Sprint and Kanban method to organize and produce social media content and reach thousands of new followers during my serve in the Faculty Student Council since 2018.

In fact, Indonesia has advantageous geographical and population resources hence I am keen to revitalize Indonesian aircraft industries for supporting rapid logistic and community demand growth. In order to achieve this, I am eager to acquire a prospective career in Airbus and an industrial management postgraduate program which could develop my strategic leadership and broaden my professional network.

With respect to the ambassador role, I would like to introduce an artistic Batik Making Class during the intercultural workshop. I want the participants to experience and preserve one of the world's heritage fabrics. During free time, having a question and answer (QnA) livestream on Instagram will attract people to be interested in the program. In my home country, I would make a creative photo story and organize a "Summer in Aachen 101" webinar to inspire potential students both in my university and nationally.

I would very much desire to explore innovative supply chain management concepts and experience exceptional German culture through this program. Thank you for taking your time to consider my application. Your kindness and generosity are greatly appreciated.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,317 3351  
Feb 17, 2021   #2
I am unable to review this motivational letter based on the specific requirements that you were obviously provided with. Kindly remember that in order to give you an accurate review, I need a copy of the instructions that you were provided with to write the paper. If I do not know what I am to look for, I am going to use a general motivational review standard, and tell you that this motivational letter is incorrect, based on the standard expectations. That is exactly what I am saying. As far as I am concerned, this is not the standard motivational letter. Your motivations are not really very clear and you seem to be focusing too much on your skills and experience instead, that do not really have a direct on the motivational discussion. Again, I am saying this without knowing what the writing parameters are.

If you want this essay reviewed based on the proper requirements, it would benefit you to either contact me privately or, make this post URGENT after posting the actual discussion requirements so that I can review the paper again. As of now, it is impossible for me to say how truly effective this piece of writing is. All because of the lack of writing instructions.
OP irfanmadani 1 / 1  
Feb 17, 2021   #3
Thank you in advance for your feedback. I would like to attach the writing instructions below.

It is stated:
"Your cover letter (stating your motivation for applying to the program, further study plans and career goals, ambassador role)" and
"Note: Please outline your ideas in your motivation letter."

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